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DeCluttering, house cleaning services and home organizing for career minded professionals and consumers with higher standards. This has been my preferred business model for over fifteen years! It may seem easy for anyone to simply start a so called house cleaning business, but maintaining high standards that satisfy the most discerning clients who demand trustworthy talented house cleaners, is not so easy. My story began as a young girl between the age of six to about eleven, hanging around my fathers trucking operation. To keep myself busy while my father worked tirelessly, I cleaned and organized for hours on end, no one asked me to help "it was simply what I wanted to do". I loved turning chaos and grime into an organized clean work place for my dad and I always took pride in my work. Don't get me wrong I loved to play like other kids too, but this is where my cleaning and organizing skills began. So, here I am today, doing what I love and enjoy!

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I'm still hands on and my team of house cleaners train directly with me learning how to clean thoroughly and efficiently. With their priorities set and steps to follow before they can close the door on your amazingly clean and organized home. Hence, when you re-enter your home it will be stunningly clean, decluttered and organized. Sound to good to be true? Simply read my reviews or ask for references. Many of my most satisfied clients have tried multiple cleaning services before they found us and became our regularly scheduled VIP DClutterBug clients!

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DClutterBug clients are all over Central Illinois and the Greater Springfield, IL Area we regularly have house cleaners in Rochester, IL - Chatham, IL - Sherman, IL - Riverton, IL & Athens, IL to name a few. We have actually worked as far away as Chicago and occasionally even in other states! Serious home decluttering, basement cleaning, and attic cleaning is work for experienced home cleaning pros who can help you make those tough decisions on what to pitch and what to keep. DClutterBug house cleaning and organizing professionals are ready when you are.

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